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A Man and a woman participating in a radio show

In God's Image Live:




In God's Image Live: The Truth Revealed includes thought-provoking conversations about topics from God's perspective that many people shy away from talking about, especially in church. These videos will reshape and enlighten your mind to think outside of the box about topics such as the purpose of sex and marriage, what church is supposed to be like, holidays versus God's holy days, what happens after someone dies, how God communicates with us, and so much more. In God's Image Live: The Truth Revealed is hosted by Dr. Anthony Rhodman and live show, podcast, and event host, Lucas Tindell. This show is dedicated to answering those difficult questions that people are not able to answer. Both hosts make the information easy-to-understand in an enjoyable environment online for listeners everywhere. Watch live on Sundays at 8am PT/11am ET on Facebook or Youtube or catch up on previous episodes below. 

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