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The Psychology of Performance & Behaviors

Dr. Anthony Rhodman

Have you ever wondered what separates the greats from the average person? What makes one productive and successful and what makes another unproductive and fail? Some people have horrible behaviors, but when it’s time to perform, they can psychologically do it in moments. Some people have great behaviors, but when it’s time to perform, they completely shut down. The best of the best can do both; they have great behaviors and perform well consistently. This book will help you discover why you behave and perform the way you do and provide some keys and techniques to help you improve both your performance and your behaviors.


Heavenly Financial Literacy Encyclopedia

Dr. Anthony Rhodman

Many of the terms and concepts heard throughout Dr. Rhodman's financial programs, courses, and events may sound new to you. What is the universal system of prosperity and success that brings wealth and abundance? What are the different types of currencies and resources he mentions throughout his courses? And what are the 12 streams of income and what are the measures and times of returns? This encyclopedia will give definitions and explanations of these topics and more including true economics and finance, how to capture income, how to become invaluable in your service and work, the process of management and organization, and so much more. This is an excellent resource to have along with any of Dr. Rhodman's financial courses and programs to give you more understanding, insight, and explanations about what is discussed throughout these financial programs.

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